He Asked Me to the Dance ...

There are moments in life that defy re-telling.  Where an image tells a story far greater than words ever could.

I caught one of those moments this evening as my 51-year-old escorted my 7-year-old to her first ever father-daughter dance.

A moment, an image, in which I saw a lifetime unfold.  

Moments that defy re-telling ...  (Doha, May 3, 2013)

Moments that defy re-telling ... (Doha, May 3, 2013)

This picture is so much more than a glimpse into the excitement of attending her first ever dance.

It is an image of a love repeated throughout a lifetime.  

It is ...

  • helping her up the steps that very first time he put her on the school bus.
  • steadying her seat when she was learning to ride her bike.
  • waiting to catch her as she worked up the nerve to jump into the pool.
  • cheering her on silently, with only prayer and a wave and a smile, as she performed in her first school concert.
  • hoisting her onto his shoulders so she'd be closer to the sky to watch the fireworks.
  • throwing air punches as she crossed the finish line of her first triathlon.

It is ...

  • holding his breath as he waits for her to come home from her first date.
  • having nothing to offer but a hug when she experiences her first heartbreak.
  • watching her proudly receive her degree.
  • giving her away after walking her down the aisle.
  • brushing away the tears as he sees her cast that beautiful gaze upon 'the other man in her life'.
  • reliving this moment as he holds her first born.
  • having her look at him this way again as the curtains draw closed.

"He asked me to go to the dance, Maman."

My heart is full.