Sometimes expats cry ...

We expats (unabashedly? unwittingly?) use social media to promote and perpetuate the notion that living overseas is one big, happy escapade. 

Checking out our feed, you'd think we do nothing but smile, travel, bask in the sun and sip on froufrou drinks.

You'd think the expat life is nothing but one big happy party.

And yet sometimes expats cry.

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The Smorgasbord House

When moving to your new home in Qatar, it's unrealistic to expect it ‘’all’’.  You may have to forsake an amazing kitchen for a grand yard.  You may have to give up the extra bedroom to get a top-of-the-line gas cooking range.  You may have to forgo the compound of your choice for a stand-alone villa if you want to live within reasonable distance of your child’s school. You may well end up with your own version of a Lego block house ... and you might end up quite pleased ... even quite happy despite it all.

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