On Being a Stay-at-home Mom'Me' ...

It's not easy to describe the last week --- this much anticipated transition from executive to stay-at-home mom.

It's not been particularly interesting ... not much craziness going on in our household right now.

Oh, wait.  There was the unexpected memo from school to parents that led to an intense and panicked research project on lice infestation and delousing.  

It's not been particularly exciting ... though I did 'high-five' myself when I managed to unclog the kitchen sink on my own.  Amazing how much one can get accomplished with a bottle of Drain-O and zero beaurocracy.

Light reading ...

Light reading ...

It has been relaxing ... I read something cover to cover other than the Daily Mail for the first time in a long time (granted, it was more of a beach read than a literary classic, but still ...).  I've even joined a book club; our first meeting's in May.  Which reminds me, I must go buy Life After Life, by Kate Atkinson.

IMG_1204 - Version 2.jpg

It's been productive.  IKEA shelves for the laundry room got bought and installed on the very same day ... compounds that provide carpenters are a definite reason to consider moving to the ME.  Not a single expletive was uttered during the entire installation process.

It's been different, definitely different.

For starters, I drop kiddo off at school every morning.  She is at that great age where she is young enough to still want me to walk her to her cubby, but old enough that I really appreciate it.  I love this part of the day.

Except for last Sunday.

That was the day I didn't use the crosswalk to get back to my car (parked in the lot across the street).  The cross walk monitor called me out in front of the entire lower elementary.  ALL the first and second graders eyeballed me.

That sucked.

Secondly, I come home every morning and do pilates on my living room floor.  

Actually, I come home and watch Karen Karter do pilates on the flat screen; I mostly lie on my yoga mat wondering if it's trick TV.

Come on.  Surely she jests when she tells me to transition from a lying to a sitting position with 'abs taught, arms straight out', rolling back down disk by disk, pushing navel to spine?  And breathing all the while.  Yeah, right!  I think there must be an invisible wire tethered to the back of her Lululemon crops.  I reach for another bon bon.

The latest in 'kitty cool'.

The latest in 'kitty cool'.

Thirdly, 'helmet head' is my shadow, my new constant companion.  Having overcome the initial discomfort and humiliation of her cone, she seems to be embracing her 'Jetsons' style and is back to overturning the potted plants, knocking puzzles to the floor and chasing madly after pencils (???  don't ask - her little pink catnip-scented toy mouse has been virtually relegated to a dark corner ever since she discovered the fun to be had rolling an HB2 Faber Castell around the house).

Through all the excitement, I've tackled spring cleaning with a vengeance; out with the old!  The household purge strategically follows the professional purge.  I am secretly ridding our house of all McDonald's Happy Meal toys and Budweiser shorts whilst kiddo and Smilin' Vic are off at school/work.

It feels great, liberating.

Well, if I'm being completely honest, the cleaning's not going as well as I'd anticipated.  Our maid's annual leave just happened to coincide with my first month off.  

So I've wasted a lot of time this last week scouring the deepest recesses of the laundry room in search of toilet cleaner and reacquainting myself with the mop.  I'm having a hard time with the temperature settings on the washing machine (the Turkish instruction manual doesn't make it any easier).  Smilin Vic's underwear has not been ironed in over a week (I swear, our maid irons EVERYTHING!).  And only today did I learn that plants need watering.  Seriously, moment of silence ... "Sorry about that, little dead plants."

Last Thursday, people from work threw me a going away party which was really nice.  I got three watches.  Apparently someone thinks I've got time management issues.

Anyone have the time????

Anyone have the time????

And I got a LOT of flowers.

These died too ... :-(

These died too ... :-(

Now that that page is completely turned, I'm trying to refocus, make our home the priority, throw my energy into that.

I'm trying to be more creative.  Unfortunately the organic blueberry and tuna wraps with pesto sauce did not go over well in kiddo's lunch.  (Just kidding ... there was no pesto sauce!)

I'm trying out new things, like going to the grocery store in the middle of the day.  It wasn't quite a 'shoppers of Walmart' experience, but I was quite amazed at the number of people from work who seem to enjoy the mid-morning shopping experience as well.  Apparently the weekly HR meeting is now taking place at Carrefour.

I'm trying to be more frugal.  I'm thinking next week I might try a kitty litter facial.  Don't believe me?  Youtube it.  Folks, believe me, there are people out there with time on their hands and some weird initiative.

I'm trying to socialize more.  This week alone I've gotten to know Abdul Rahman the compound gardener, Abdulrahman the compound garbage collector, Abduraman the compound carpenter, and Abdalrahman the compound plumber.  (I hope I got that right.)

All in all, it's been a fairly smooth, uneventful transition to stay-at-homedness.  And don't let my glib tone fool you into thinking I'm not appreciating every single moment.  I'm a happy camper right now.  Stress-free and loving it.  

I think I'll hold on to that feeling for just a little while longer ...