Going Bananas in the ME!

Does anyone else always seem to end up with 1 or 2 black bananas at the end of the week?

It seems no matter how many bananas I buy a week, be it 2 or 12, I always end up with a couple that are too bruised for my picky eaters to eat.  Well, I just hate to waste, but never really knew what to do with these over-ripe monkey treats.  Wilted vegetables are easy ... just throw them all into a pot with some chicken stock and within an hour you've got soup to last you the weekend.  But mushy banana soup holds no appeal, and I'm not one of those "on-the-spot" "whip-it-up" bakers.  So I would usually end up guiltily binning the bananas or throwing them into our compost.

But last month I was reading an article that suggested freezing over-ripe bananas for future use in recipes.  I thought this was the motivation I needed to actually push myself to bake.  What a great idea.  Waste not, want not, and bake up some goodness in the process.  So I've been storing bananas for about a month now ... But still no cake or bread to show for it ... I just haven't gotten around to it.

And quite frankly, the bananas are now starting to stress me out every time I open the freezer door.  It's like they're taunting me; they are the rotting proof of my ability to delay  those activities that do not captivate my interest (in this case, baking).  On some days, I actually hear them chanting "we bananas, you bananas, we all be bananas".

I am overwhelmed by the rotting banana trove.  I want it to go away, but every week it keeps on growing.  As I write, I am envisioning the 15 kg banana bread I will bake next weekend to avoid wasting this decaying fruit.   Guess I should stock up on flour if I don't want to end up bananas with 30,000 lbs of bananas.  

Any tricks for blackened bananas?  Or to stop going bananas?  Suggestions welcome!

Anyone else feeling bananas today?
Anyone else feeling bananas today?