It's Not Just Me Having a Bad Day in the ME

Our kitten caught us a surprise today.  And no one was more surprised, I'm sure, than the surprise our kitten caught.

If thought is possible for a dragonfly, I would imagine this one would never have fathomed that a 2 kg cute and cuddly kitty would pounce out of the blue like a lion.  I imagine that dragonfly would have dreamt of a more gracious exit than suffocating in the mouth of a 3-month-old feline.  Drowning in the pool, splatting against a windshield, getting electrocuted in a bug zapper; all of these deaths seem somewhat more dignified than wiggling your tail end furiously with your head firmly clamped in the teeny tiny jaws of a kitten.

It reminded me of some days at work in the ME, where I'm caught rather unawares by a seemingly harmless situation or individual.  Just going about my business with no inkling of the fate that is about to befall me.  A trusted colleague presents my idea as his own, an employee concerned with getting ahead trying to shift the blame for his own shortcomings, a supervisor tries to belittle my expertise.  

But I've NEVER ended up with my head as far up another individual's orifice as the dragonfly's was today, so for that I am truly grateful!  

It made me realize AGAIN that I am not the only one who has bad days in the ME.  There are always those who are worse off than me.  Self pity is a horrible thing, and it can make us oblivious to the true suffering and struggles that surround us each day.

How many times have you found yourself confronted with an individual or a situation where you thought to yourself "You know, things really aren't that bad.  At least I've got the use of my limbs, or my eyesight, or I'm not bankrupt, or I haven't lost a parent, or nobody in my family is sick, etc.  

I really treasure those wake-up calls, even seemingly little ones like today's.  I find if you start looking for them, you see them all around you, and you end up not even having to look for them.  You realize, "hey, I'm so lucky to get to see that sunrise, I'm so blessed to have a healthy child, what a smooth and uneventful flight, etc."  And you start to appreciate.  And the days start to get better.

For that dragonfly, today was a really bad day.  The worst.  

As for me, I'm doing fine, just fine.  It's been a pretty good day all in all.

Bad day to be a dragonfly ...

Bad day to be a dragonfly ...