Back In the ME

We landed at about 10:30 last night.  An uneventful flight, punctuated only by slight turbulence as we entered ME airspace.  But the turbulence outside the plane was much tempered by the turbulence inside our hearts.  

That jumpy, slightly nauseating feeling that snakes its way into our souls every time the freedom bird retracts its flight plan and brings us back East is a sure sign that vacation time has once again come to an end.  

Back to daily routine; school runs, office grind, brown bag lunches, early morning wake-up calls and workouts ....

But we will slide easily enough back into normal life.  We'll get up each morning, commit to living healthier, get used to watching the clock again, time our meals around after-school activities, and look forward to weekends again.  

Each time we come back, we commit to a healthier lifestyle.  We got up this morning, greeted our day with a big glass of water and some strong, black coffee.  It's a shift from Irish Coffee and Mimosa breakfasts enjoyed on vacation, but it actually felt good.  And it probably will for a while (I'd guess at least 36 hours before I start getting vacation fever again!).

When we arrived home last night , our daughter leapt joyfully into the cuddling arms of her nanny, and hugged her new kitty mercilessly before falling into a deep sleep, back in her own bed, surrounded by all her stuffed toys, her kitten rocking her dreams gently with her soft purring.  She jumped happily out of bed this morning despite only six hours sleep, and went back to school and her friends with a spring in her step and a smile on her face.  As much as she enjoyed her vacation, she was glad to be back home.  Back in the ME.  It's what she knows; they are now one and the same.

If she can do it so effortlessly, then so can we I guess.  I admit I was happy to fall into my own bed, to get up this morning and instinctively know which drawer I could find my socks and undies in, to come down to the kitchen and enjoy a cup of coffee while getting kiddo ready for school.  I got to play true soccer mom this morning, dropping her off at school, paying a few bills, then coming back home and uploading pictures and blogging with a cup of steaming coffee in my hand and a purring kitten on my lap.  

Tomorrow I go back to work, and the routine will be back on full throttle.  I've decided I'm going to dig deep down inside of me and do my darndest to emulate my daughter.  Perhaps she can be the inspiration I need to add a little spring to my step as I head off to the office.  I'm determined to have a more positive outlook.  

So here's to today, to tomorrow.  Here's to a new spring in my step.  Here's to being back home.  Here's to being back in the ME.

'Bye Bye'.  Looking back on a great vacation.

'Bye Bye'.  Looking back on a great vacation.

Determined to emulate that spring in her step.

Determined to emulate that spring in her step.