Liebster Me (What is the Liebster Award?)

August 23, 2013 EDIT:  After a little research, I've found that I may have inadvertently misinformed my readers with the "rules" I listed in my original post below.  

I've since found that the rules have evolved over time, with some versions asking you to answer questions about yourself and pose questions to the people you nominate.  Some sets of rules ask you to nominate 11 fellow bloggers, some ask you to nominate 5.  Some ask you to nominate bloggers with a readership of less than 3,000, some ask you to nominate bloggers with a readership of less than 200.  Lesson learned, always Google more than one source of information.

My Bad. 

So, far from wanting to appear to be the ultimate source of information on the award, I'm going to link you back to a lady who has done much more meticulous research on the award and who has come up with a newer flexible set of rules ... If you want to learn more about Liebster, I suggest referencing back to her site.  Here is the link: 

That's my attempt to make up for being an erroneous source of information.  Maybe one day I'll add on some random facts about me, but for now I'll leave it at that.  Carry on!

ORIGINAL POST (August 22, 2013):

Bloggers recognizing fellow bloggers with various newbie awards is a really cool thing to do.  

"Why?" you ask.  

The answer is simple:  

"This is my blog, you are reading it, and what I say here goes.  And I say newbie recognition awards are absolutely, totally, irrevocably, without-a-doubt, undeniably, 100% cool if my fellow bloggers and followers (all 4 of them) think it is.  So THERE."  

(Cue evil laughter):  Muahahahahahaha! 

Seriously though, I've really had a change of heart about these nominations.  At first I was a little hoighty toighty about it all.  I didn't make much time for what I perceived as the whole "I'll scratch my back if you scratch mine" deal.  You probably got the facetiousness of the "pyramids" heading on this page?  

But over the months I've had a radical change of heart.  I've actually been directed to some amazing, inspiring, hilarious and tragic blogs by clicking on fellow bloggers' nominees.  

I've realized that 'yes', nominating someone can be a self-serving way to direct people back to your site via the traffic generated on the site of the persons you nominate.  

But I've also come to realize that in many cases the person nominating you actually appreciates your message, has something in common with you, and in some cases can even become a 'fibre-optic friend', a supporter, and a further motivation to keep on blogging.  

And that's why I take these nominations much more seriously now.  And respond.  

That having been said, I'll probably only ever respond once to an award, but if I'm ever nominated in future for the same award, I'll link back to my original response, while referencing the next person who's nominated me (chances are I won't be overwhelmed with nominations!).   

Which brings me to the matter at hand.  About five months ago, I was nominated by Expat State of Mind for the Liebster Award.   Expat State of Mind was one of the first to ever comment on my blog, and for that I want to thank her.  Her comments in my 'toddler phase' were so welcome and appreciated.  But beyond that, her blog was one of the first I ever visited.  Because you see, I started blogging without first checking out what was out there (thank goodness ... had I known the extent of talent carousing out in blogland-ville I would have never dared wet my feet).

Unfortunately, I never responded to her nomination.  In all honesty, I'm not sure if it's because I felt I was undeserving of the award, if it's because I felt the award was gratuitous, or if I simply felt so uncertain of what was expected of me as a blogger newbie.  Whatever the case, I never replied, but I'm trying to make up for it now.

This week, I was nominated for the same award by my blogger buddy C2C (From Casinos to Castles).  C2C is my Blogger Bosom Buddy.  (I guess that makes C2C my 3B).  We are fellow expats, heralding from different countries, landed in different countries, but we started blogging at about the same time about our various struggles and successes.  She's been a constant commenter, supporter, and all-around inspiration when it comes to blogging.  

Her nomination made me realize I had to respond.  Not because the recognition meant so much, but because the people behind the nominations meant so much.  Even though I'd never met them.  Even though I've never heard them speak, heard them laugh, heard them cry.  They just mean that much in this blogging facet of my life.

So here goes, Expat State of Mind and C2C.  This is for you.   Thank you for recognizing me.  You motivated me to blog, inspired me, and helped me believe my writings were a little more than simply a humungous pile of poopoo :-)  

These are the Liebster Award Rules:

1. Thank the one who nominated you by linking back.

2. Nominate five blogs with less than 200 followers.

3.  Let the nominees know by leaving a comment at their sites.

4.  Add the award image to your site.

And here are my responses: 

1.  Those who nominated me are Expat State of Mind and From Casinos to Castles.   Expat State of Mind shares a series of images, rumination, and quotes that are carrying her along her expat journey.  From Casinos to Castles is a real-life account of an expat's conscious decision to live the rest of her life abroad.  Both deal with expat matters, the ups and the downs.  Both have made me stop and think.

2.  This is the hard part.  I love a lot of blogs...  I think they all must have more than 200 followers, but I can't be certain.  Since this is my blog and my choice, I'm going to name a few that I really want you to visit ... (not including those who nominated me - be sure to check those out too!).   

So my nominees are (in no particular order): 

 Katie and Yoshi Around the World.  Why?  Because they didn't just talk about it; they DID it!  Sold everything, gave up their jobs, packed everything into a rucksack, and ventured off on a quest to tour the globe.  And because the author doesn't come equipped with a 'brain-to-mouth filter'.  Which makes me laugh a lot.  AND because she's related to me.  That makes her awesome by proxy.  So visit her site.  Now!

HX Report.  Surely has more than 200 followers but I can't be sure because his site doesn't say (maybe it does, but my non-tecchie review revealed NOTHING).  I think you have to check it out simply for the tagline "Irishman in the Middle East".  Ladies, you KNOW you want to check it out ...  OK, now, if you ever came back to me ... pretty good, eh? 

Los Viajes of an American.  Oh. My. Goodness.  I seriously love this kid.  He writes from the heart.  He's like in his early twenties ... he could be the son I should have had.  I so hope he goes on blogging and writing for a long time.  I haven't read all his posts, but enough to know I want to keep on reading. 

Diary of an Expat Mum in Qatar.  I'm including this one because we haven't gotten an update in a while and I really hope she comes back.  She was great at writing about the true Doha experience through a mom's eyes.  What school do we choose?  How does our house compare to back home?  What do we do for fun?  Expat Mum, come back!!!!! 

Multifarious Meanderings.  OK.  I admit it.  This one's following I know.  It's above 200.  But it's not like it's a thousand....  And I LOVE her!  And I LOVE her tales!  I haven't read it all, but I haven't read anything I haven't enjoyed.  So I want you to check her out.  Please.  Thanks!  Enjoy!

Adding a sixth ... just 'cos I can, 'cos this is my page :-) 

Aussies In Denver.  This blog just makes me happy.  That's it.  I love what the lady does with pictures and words.  And I want to see more.  Check it out.   (Oh, and she got me into the whole mindmap state of mind.  I've never been the same since ... my mind is a spiderweb of 'how would this in Qatar compare to home in Canada?'.  Yeah, check it out ...

3.  I am now off to inform my nominees that I think they rock to no end! 

4.  Just figuring out where to get the darned decal ... 


Found it!!!!!

Found it!!!!!