Nepal needs help - reblogged from HX Report (Irishman in the Middle East)

This is my first ever reblog.  It comes to you from the HX Report, a blog written by an Irishman living in Qatar who combines imagery and words to open up a magical door on his adventures in the Middle East and his travels slightly West and further East.

I'm not sure how to reblog, so please bear with me and click on this link to get a glimpse into Nepal as seen through his lens, and to find out how you can contribute to the relief efforts.

The sunshine, the fatigue and the smiles in his images were captured along his travels to Nepal, yet they manage to paint an eerily accurate picture of the determination and resilience I see in the Nepalese I work with every day in Qatar.

May God bless them, and may we all find a prayer and a dollar to share with them tonight.