Ask me about gas ....

I try to keep my blog flowing ... I write about a lot.  From traveling to dining, being a mom and a wife, working and living in the Middle East, death and dying, missing home and getting pissed on occasion.

I write about the craziness of driving in the Middle East, being an expat mom and watching my Third Culture Kid grow up not really knowing where 'home' is.  Living in a land of sand that is the polar opposite of my homeland.  Going from -40C to +40C.

Struggling to build a career in a land where 'working woman' is a funny word.  Trying to learn a language that won't even share its alphabet with me.  Singing "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" during a sandstorm.  

I write about all of these things because they help me make it through the day.  Writing let's the 'feeling' out.  And hopefully a few souls will be entertained or become informed with what I have to share.   

And then I check out my blog 'metrics' and discover that the most hits I get are based on a Google search for "flatulence at high altitude". 

But of course ...