Doha Driving ... As Seen Through the Tip of a Sharpie ...

I came home exhausted today.  Almost 2 hours on the morning commute and 1.5 hours on the drive back home had me drained to the bone.  For the first time in over 3 months, I missed a workout session.  

Smilin' Vic had supper ready, a hearty meal of beef sausages.  I threw away all thoughts of exercise for today, and decided to sit down and spend some quality time with Kiddo so as not to completely botch the evening.  

She asked me to colour with her, and offered up her Sharpie pens, definitely one of her favourite things in the world.  Sharpies are the gift that keeps on giving, and she takes them out pretty much every day to commit thoughts and images to page.  

So while most nights I opt to capture my thoughts on the keyboard, tonight I thought I'd give the Sharpies a go.  I have to admit, I can see why she's hooked.

With a few unpracticed and child-like strokes, I was able to convey in full colour today's driving madness.  How very cathartic to capture 3 hours' distress in 15 minutes' creative release.  I might just have to draw with Kiddo more often.