A Poem About Moving to the ME ... Or Something Like It ...




Life is just a ticking clock. 

I went racing 

To find gold

And on the way

I damn got old!

I chanced my luck

I made a buck

Along the way

I damn got f*cked!

I made a dime

I paid my time

But this is not

A nursery rhyme.

The dues

I paid

The bucks

I made

Have not an easy

Rich way paved.

It may still all

Just turn out fine

And hallelujah

Still be mine.

But just in case

It turns out wrong

I state my case

And pray it's strong. 

I did it all  

Just for my girl

I did it all

'cos she's my world.

I risked it all

I took a chance

Stripped to nothing

Did the dance.

It's all for her

Without a doubt

I might lose all

Or might

Luck out. 

But in the end

Win or lose

The choice I chose

Was mine

To choose.