Giving Thanks as a Canadian in the ME ...

I'd actually forgotten it was Canadian Thanksgiving.  Forgotten to say thank you.  Forgotten to appreciate.  That happens sometimes, when you're far away, thinking about yourself, about your reality.  When your view of the world, your perception, becomes your reality. And you forget about the rest.

But I've remembered now (thank goodness we had a Canadian friend visiting to remind us)!  And I'm thankful for that friend.  Thankful for him being here, thankful for him reminding us. 

We didn't have a turkey dinner.  We had pork ribs and potatoes in front of TV watching Home Alone with Kiddo.  I'm thankful for pork in Qatar .... I'm thankful for Kiddo.  I'm thankful for family.  I'm thankful for movie night. 

I called my two sisters.  I reached one on Skype.  I'm thankful for Skype.

I called my best friend in Canada.  She wasn't home.  But I discovered video messaging on Skype and left her a message.  I'm thankful for video messaging on Skype.

I just kissed Smilin' Vic good night.  He's been working about twenty days straight.  I am so thankful for Smilin' Vic. 

I called my Dad.  He has a bad cold, but he's ok, and he remembered me.  I'm thankful for that.

I found a kick-@$$ pair of heels on sale today.  Thankful for anything strappy that adds inches to my legs!

There's no traffic right now in Doha because it's Eid, so roads are empty.  Soooo thankful!!!!

I got time today to catch up on my favorite blogs ... You know who you are!  So thankful for my blogging buddies who keep me entertained.

Watched my kitty cat snuggle with anyone who was willing today.  Thankful we decided to be irresponsible and get a pet in the ME!

I'm thankful for health, happiness, good jobs, good school, good friends, good laughs, good times ...

Sat down and started to blog ....


Just thankful in the ME.