New Year's Eve ... and ME

So I must post a little something to ring in the New Year.  It is, after all, exactly 12:00 (00:00) as I begin typing this post.  

We don't get New Year's Day off in the ME, not unless we apply for leave.  So my husband and I will be working tomorrow.

But I had to stay up til midnight.  Had to welcome in the New Year, as we would do in the West.  

I am doing so with a new kitty perched on my lap, a 7-yr-old sleeping and softly snoring on the sofa behind me, a husband sleeping upstairs, and a house still lit up for the Holidays.

I am doing so with hope in my heart that 2013 will bring solace to families and individuals who have lost so much in 2012.

I pray for all those who have lost loved ones, who have endured illness, who have struggled through financial hardship.  

I say a special prayer for those who have lost children.  I say a special prayer for those who suffered so much that they took their life with their own hand.  I say a special prayer for those who loved those lives lost.  I selfishly and shamelessly ask God that in 2013 he find for those left behind a special meaning, a reason for being, a purpose.  

I hope that somehow, in 2013, answers will be found.  Whatever the questions may be.

I hope that people reading this blog will not take it seriously; that they will realize it is a venting ground, no more, no less; a place where perhaps people with questions will find an answer, or people with answers will respond to a question.  

I normally wish for prosperity, health, and happiness.  But this year, I'm mixing it up a tad ...

I pray for STRENGTH in 2013.  Strength to survive the ME.  Strength to support my family.  Strength to bring strength to those who need it most.  Strength to be strong.

I wish for LAUGHTER in 2013.  Laughter in the homes of my family; laughter in the homes of my friends; laughter in the homes of my peers.  Laughter in the face of adversity.  I wish for laughter even in despair.  Laughter amongst enemies.  Uncontrollable laughter that makes us forget any misgivings or misfortunes.  There is truly magic in laughter.

Ahhhhhhhh, yes, I wish for MAGIC.  Whatever that magic may be.  All around.  Look around you and find it.  I see magic in dancing, I see magic in crying.  Magic in laughing, magic in creating.  Magic in a smile.  Magic in a sleeping child's rhythmic breathing.  Magic in chocolate, magic in music.  Magic in poetry, magic in tears.  Magic in a word.  Magic in a kiss.  Magic in a breath.  Magic in a thought.  Magic in a soothing drink of coffee.  Magic in a run.  And the most majestic magic when you don't even realize it is magic ... in that moment when you drift off to sleep, in that instant when a chemical reaction transfers a "chew" to a "taste", in that blip where you are sitting comfortably and solidly in an airplane seat yet floating on air.  In the butterfly landing on your shoulder, that perfect snowflake floating down from the heavens, that angel that you cannot see saving you from what you do not know.  Yes, above all, I wish for magic.  Find your magic.

And I hope everyone will BELIEVE.  For the sake of one little girl, for the sake of everyone.  For the sake of people who could make a difference, who can make a difference, who DO make a difference.  If we BELIEVE, we CAN make a difference.  I have seen it.  I know people who have lost what is most precious to them.  I look at them and wonder how they make it through a single moment, let alone a day, let alone a lifetime.  Do you know how they do it?  They BELIEVE.  I think that's it.  As simple as that...  They BELIEVE.  

Despite my negative rants, my disenchanted posts, and my cynical exterior ... I DO BELIEVE.  I believe I can.  I believe I must.  I believe I will.  I believe I owe it to those around me.  I believe I owe it to me.  I believe the same of everyone around me.  I believe that if we all believe, we can make anything happen.  Believe in what you may, in what you must, but find something to believe in.  I wish this for every reader:  in 2013, BELIEVE.

The New Year is here.  Welcome 2013.  I ring 2013 in with strength, laughter, magic and belief.  I wish you all the same.  With those, I believe everything is possible.