DUST IS A MUST ... IN THE ME (a return to blogging)

I started a blog when I moved to the Middle East.  In 2006.  

I started working.  In 2007.  

MSN started sending messages in 2008.  

That they would delete my Myspace account.  

I found out in 2009.  

Too late.  My recorded memories were gone ...

.... NOT.  Here I go again.  In 2012.

Tales of a Canadian workabee, trying to make it and survive in the Land of Sand.  

You have to watch out here, or the sand will coat everything.  Your words, your memories, your belongings.  

So an occasional dust is a must here.  You can't run away from it.  Your resilience is dependent on your ability to wash away the sand.

In your mind, color the beige.  Make it blue, red, gold, green.  

Color the desert a rainforest, imagine the sand dune a pine-covered mountain.  See the oasis growing in your back yard.  

And never, EVER, let the dust encrust you.

An occasional dust is a must.