All the things I really don't need to say ... an ode to my Goddaughter

You're exhausted.  You're exhilarated.  You're depressed.  You're ecstatic.  You're beautiful.  You're horrendous.  You're giving.  You have nothing left to give.  You're happy.  You're sad.  You're everything and nothing all at once.  You're something you've never been before.  You're something no one could ever put into words.  There's no time at all left for you, and yet you're EVERYTHING and EVERY MOMENT to someone.  

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Sometimes expats cry ...

We expats (unabashedly? unwittingly?) use social media to promote and perpetuate the notion that living overseas is one big, happy escapade. 

Checking out our feed, you'd think we do nothing but smile, travel, bask in the sun and sip on froufrou drinks.

You'd think the expat life is nothing but one big happy party.

And yet sometimes expats cry.

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Random 40's ...

Some years are just weird.  Random.

You hit 45 and all of a sudden your friends' parents are dying.

And you're driving to work feeling really sad.

Because your best friend just lost her mom and you're a million miles away.

And all of a sudden you're stuck in Doha traffic.

Behind this ...

Random bucking bronco in the back of a pickup truck in the Middle East ...

And you're not quite sure what to think.

Who the f*ck rides a bucking bronco in Doha?

Life's random like that ...